Armineh Keshishian
President & Artistic Director

Armineh Keshishian is the founder, President, and Artistic Director of Evolution Dance Theatre which has created and produced a number of multidisciplinary dance theatre productions.

“I strive to create cultural fusion through art. I am inspired by concepts of women’s empowerment, diversity & inclusion, multiculturalism and breaking down outdated archetypal traditions. My aim is to bring people and cultures together by focusing on our commonalities vs. our differences,” says Armineh. She further adds, “I came to North America from the Middle East as a teenager. It was a difficult time as I was homesick and couldn’t speak English! However, I pressed on, went to school, adapted quickly, joined our community, and made new friends. Although I have lived here since my teens, being born a Christian in a Muslim Middle Eastern country has given me extraordinary insights into different cultures, insights which has helped me to this day. Despite the fact that cultures and values vary, I find that basic human needs, desires, and emotions are not really that different and that we are One Human Race.

My life is influenced by my mother who was an independent woman who encouraged me to have higher education and be financially independent, and yet she, herself, was a woman of tradition. My father taught me leadership. Because I did not want to follow the traditional rules and regulations as a socially obliging Middle Eastern girl, I went on to find my own path and empowerment. I struggled my way through with purpose, passion, and persistence. Step by step, I rose above adversity, challenges, and heart aches. I built my life and business with focus, excitement, and curiosity”.

Armineh’s awards include: “Women of Inspiration - Cultural Ambassador Award ”, “Top Female Entrepreneur of the Year”, “Most Influential Female Entrepreneur 2021 Award” and “Top 10 Unstoppable Women Entrepreneurs of 2022” just to name a few. Armineh, an award winning Author and #1 best seller of Joyous Wealth – 56 Secrets to Riches and Wellness, is an international speaker and a media personality featured on TV, radio and magazines. In addition, she has contributed to Universal Womens Network - 100 Women of Inspiration 2021 Book; Women of Inspiration - Women Driving Change.

Armineh is a multi-faceted entrepreneur who believes in abundant living and that anything is possible if you truly desire it. Her sincere aspiration to create beauty and abundance in the world has impacted many. Her academic training in business, coupled with her passion and creativity, and most importantly her views that ‘we always have a choice’ has inspired many.

For Armineh dance has been an outlet that has allowed her to celebrate her life journey and foster greater understanding of complex cultural issues. Finding her way to the stage, Armineh’s passion for dance and performance began as a young child. Armineh has had an extensive performing and choreographic career, spanning more than twenty five years. “I like to express my body not in an isolated form as an individual expression, but as a cultural awareness, a story or a history where I am connected to the world,” says Armineh.

Armineh’s sentiment for the arts and culture, her tenacity, and her desire to create beauty and acceptance has gained her the position of Artistic Director at Evolution Dance Theatre.

Armineh’s personal involvement with the arts and the traditions of the Middle East adds authenticity to these shows . In addition her experience and knowledge in finance has provided the fiduciary skills and discipline needed to present successful dance theatre productions.

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