behind the Veil – 2009

Struggle between women of tradition and women who seek freedom of expression

behind the Veil  is the struggle between women of tradition and women who seek freedom of expression. The journey of the central character Alameh, a free – spirited woman travels across boundaries of time and many distinct eras. Here is a tale which winds its way from the age of the Pharaohs, through to the present.
It is a contemporary Middle Eastern Dance Drama. A particular facet in the compelling nature of behind the Veil is that the story speaks to several cultures simultaneously. To the Middle Eastern world, the message is about re-elevating and de-stigmatizing secular Art, particularly, dance forms. To the Western world, it is to experience the tapestry of storied truths underlying Middle Eastern dance traditions and to gain new insight into a form that is not typically perceived as being a significant Art, nor one in which expression and exploration is encouraged.

The production gives voice to the aspirations and challenges faced by all women, as they explore their
relationships with each other, with men and the impact of societal norms throughout history.

“With behind the Veil  I approach the story as a current phenomenon with a reflection on the past” said Keshishian.

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