An Ancient Persian Empire Spectacle

Follow Your Heart is a love story of taboo and tradition in the Ancient Persian Empire.

Ancient Persian Empire unified cultural backgrounds at a world that is not unified. All cultures and religions were welcomed and people were tolerant. There was tolerance and acceptance and there was HOPE!

Follow Your Heart is a rich and colorful display of the Middle Eastern culture that is so beautiful, ancient and graceful. The show is a cultural Awareness Production, a cross cultural event while maintaining heritage with a universal message. Different cultures are being represented and the value of what we are offering is not a certain cultural sector. It is an intercultural and interracial production with cultural and artistic diversity. While it maintains culture and its Middle Eastern heritage, it is more independent and enlightened showing the culture, but not as expected. The show is part of a new paradigm to help shift consciousness from fear to acceptance and appreciation.

Follow Your Heart  Vegas production showcases the Middle Eastern culture in the Ancient Persian Empire revealing a sense of history to sense of future. A cutting edge production with different disciplines including pre-recorded video to show the back drop of the story, digital imagery, live and recorded music, a variety of dance genres which combines Middle Eastern, belly dance, hip hop, jazz, contemporary, interpretive, martial arts and a fusion of these dances and more.


Evolution Dance Theatre has grown into a diverse, talented and passionate team of professionals from Toronto and around the world. We’re in the final stages of Follow Your Heart Vegas production, our largest and most compelling production to date with a cast, crew and design team from the fields of dance, music, theatre and digital media.  To maintain a high-quality, genuine representation of culture, Evolution Dance Theatre relies on the skills, experiences and the artists’ ability to collaborate with multiple cultures and multimedia elements to deliver the show in the world capital of entertainment, Las Vegas.