Follow Your Heart – 2016

A Middle Eastern love story of taboo and tradition.
An empowering and inspiring tale that tantalizes the senses

Follow Your Heart is about a modern Middle Eastern woman, Almaza, who is in love with a traditional man, Jivan. Their love is irresistible yet doomed as he is bound by tradition and his culture. It is a journey of a woman who fights for love against all odds, against her culture and traditions. What starts as a love story of taboo and tradition in Toronto travels to Middle East and back again, to end up in a world where other cultures and traditions join in to help their love prevail.
Follow Your Heart is a Broadway style Middle Eastern show. With global artists and dances of different genres, acting, haunting music both live and recorded, a storyteller, pre-recorded videos to give the backdrop of the story, set décor, digital media, special effects, and beautiful imagery transports the audience on a wondrous journey into the depths of human spirit.
“The story of Follow Your Heart is important at this time because with the current world events Follow Your Heart is a true representation of the Middle Eastern people not from a political or religious perspective but from a cultural and social point of view. It is particularly interesting to me because of its compelling nature both artistically and socially”, says Keshishian the creator of the show.

Show videos

Follow Your Heart
Show Trailer

2mins 31sec

Follow Your Heart

3mins 48sec

Excerpts from
Follow Your Heart dances

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